Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays form the MLM Rant

Holiday Greetings Far and Wide

Though Christmas day has come and gone I still would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays.

Thank you to all who have read my blog and supported by leaving a comment or giving it a +1  on Google+.

It is truly amazing the times we live in where we can have business online and interact through our blogs and social network sites with people from various walks of life all across the planet.

It is my belief that we live in one of the most dynamic times in the history of society. The way we can come together via the Internet for business, friendships and even connecting with old friends and distant relatives.

We now own the privilege to broadcast our holiday cheer to people far and wide. 

So where ever you are and however you celebrate the Christmas holidays I wish you love, joy, peace and happiness in everything you do.

Lylette Primell

Friday, December 20, 2013

Action is the Fuel of Your MLM Business

Stay in Motion by Taking Daily Action

Newtons law states that; "a body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest". and it will remain at rest unless an external force acts upon it.

We could apply this theory to our MLM business as well because it is proven that when we take daily action towards building our business we continue to do so. This may be due to the fact that when we consistently take action daily to build our business we begin to see results.

The results we may see in the beginning may seem minimal and incremental but over time we begin to experience more and more results due to this consistent action.

Likewise when we procrastinate or do not take action we know without a doubt what the obvious result of that will be.

I have said it many times and I will say it again; building an MLM business is not easy but it can be done. With the correct training and the right attitude anyone with the will to do so can become successful with their MLM business.

If you are a "struggling" Multi Level Marketer and would like to be part of a supportive and dynamic community of entrepreneurs connect with me via Facebook to get access to this community.

This dynamic group of action takers are changing lives daily by sharing ideas on how to take your MLM business to the next level.

Regardless of which MLM company you are associated with you will be welcomed to this MLM family of like minded go-getters and visionaries.

Take action by connecting with me. It is time to give yourself that opportunity you always dreamt of.

Lylette Primell
Grenada, Caribbean

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MLM Slump: Is Fear Sabotaging Your MLM Business

Fear the Number One Enemy in Your MLM Business

So you are a Multi Level Marketer and like most people who are, you are dedicated to building an MLM business. Also like most of your counterparts you go through the fear that you will never make it in this business

We all do. We question whether it all makes sense or whether we are capable of succeeding in MLM.

Fear of failure is a constant companion. You are not alone in this feeling, I think this is a feeling shared by the average Multi Level Marketer.

The big question, if there was one; is how do we conquer this fear? How do we get past sabotaging ourselves?

The trick is to first identify that fear or fears. By identifying them we are taking the first step to ridding ourselves of them.

Acknowledging our fears could be our first step to making a break through and moving beyond whatever it is that holds us back and inhibits our success with our MLM business.

Click on the Video "Minute With Mark" to listen to Mark Hoverson Co Founder of Internet Lifestyle Network as he breaks down how we can move beyond our fears and make the break through many of us find so elusive.

Success in MLM does not have to be as elusive as it seems. Addressing the issues that are holding us back can give us that edge we need to reaching the success we desire.

Written by:  Lylette Primell

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MLM Ideas You Could Use

Vide Marketing Gems any MLM business could use

Today I had some down time and browsed the Internet looking at ways to improve my MLM video marketing skills.

I found some great tit bits on how to improve YouTube views in this article "7 Little Know Tricks That Will Get You More YouTube Views"

Great information for anyone not familiar with all the benefits of YouTube. It certainly helped me and so I though someone else my find it just as useful.

Tips On How To Find Topics For Your MLM Videos

I was also thinking about ways of finding new topics for your videos.

Doing video daily to promote your business demands that you have a wealth of ideas and topics to refer to on demand.

In the following video I share some ideas that I find useful that can be employed to get fresh content and topics for your video marketing.

A fresh supply of topics can help keep your video content interesting so others may find it useful and informative.

Success with MLM sometimes demand that we be innovative and creative.

Author: Lylette Primell
Grenada, Caribbean

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Get Out of the Closet! Stop Hiding Behind Your Affiliate Links

Don't Be a Closet MLM (er)

Are you hiding the fact that you are a Multi-Level Marketer. 

As I mentioned before I have been around the MLM industry for a very long time. Due to this fact I have had many experiences while working at promoting my business.

In the last few weeks I am realizing that I have been in many ways, for many years a closet MLM(er).

A closet MLM(er) in my opinion is someone who is involved with an MLM business and have been for quite a while but will never openly admit it with conviction and confidence.

When I examine myself I realized that this is exactly what I was. Yes! I love the industry. I love the company that I am affiliated with, the products and I love the people that I have been fortunate to connect with over the years.

Though I have always promoted my business I would always feel a sense of lack of conviction in what I was doing. This of course has inhibited me from truly representing my belief in my MLM business.

Now common sense would tell you that if you do not have full conviction in what you are doing; how could you convince others that it is good for them?

Internet Lifestyle Network and What It Can Do for You

I recently connected with a company called Internet Lifestyle Network solely to get the benefits of their blogging platform and A class training.

Through this mind opening training I am able to see where I was hurting myself by not fully owning up to what I am doing and my love for what I do.

The Leaders in Internet Lifestyle Network take you literally by the hand and teach you how to stand proud as a Multi-Level Marketer/Network Marketer. 

They teach you how to polish your weak areas and how by doing so you will open your life and business to success and have fun doing so.

Video will help you build your brand

No More Hiding Behind Referral and Affiliate Links

The truth is if you are like I was and are hiding behind your referral and affiliate links you need to change that now if you want to see a difference in your MLM business.

We cannot win people's trust if we don't express conviction and confidence in the thing we want to capture their interest in.

Our conviction is what they are drawn to not our eloquent words and "amazing" product lines. People can somehow sense when we are not fully convinced about what we are conveying to them.

A phrase that is bandied about a lot in MLM is "people don't join companies they join people". This being true then to get the best benefit out of your business you have to speak up and represent it with confidence. That is if your intention is for people to trust you enough to want to partner with you in your MLM business.

One way I am learning to do this in Internet Lifestyle Network is by doing videos. With my videos I have a voice and an identity I am not just a name attached to an affiliate link.

Let others see who you are not just an affiliate link with you name but you reaching out in an honest and sincere manner.

Doing videos also yields a greater benefit in that it allows you to brand yourself. Others begin to put a face to you and relate it to what you do. This establishes you as the true MLM partner that you are. 

If you need more information about Internet Lifestyle Network and how you could be a part of this this dynamic team connect with me by leaving a comment or contact me via any of my social media links on the right side of this page.

Author: Lylette Primell

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Start A Conversation About Your MLM Business by Blogging

Talk To Your MLM Audience Start a Blog

It is important to start a conversation about your MLM business by blogging about what your do.

Trying to build your MLM business online sometimes seems like you are in a yawning desert lost in the endless drifting sand.

It does not have to be that way. You can narrow the gap between you and the rest of the cyber world by starting a blog.

You can have as many blogs as your like. That decision is all up to you. I have about four blogs two of which I update regurarly - The MLM Rant and Lylette Primell Online

Many people think that they are not writers so they hesitate to start a blog. The good thing about blogs is that you do not have to be a great wirier to start one.

Thanks to the Internet anyone with the will to begin sharing their thoughts or ideas can start a blog.

Blogs are a way of expressing one's self and therefore are the most perfect way to start a conversation about your online business.

There are many different types of blogs - personal, travel, music, business, and much more. They all engage their audience by having a "conversation" with them. They discuss what is relevant to their area of interest and so get and keep the attention of their audience.

Many Multi-Level Marketers are using blogs to communicate with their customers and prospects. If you are not yet blogging for your business you are missing out on a large part of an available market share.

When it comes to blogging for your business the pen may well be seen as mightier than the sword.

This short article by Online Blog gives a quick review of some of the different types of blogs.

In the following video I share my own thoughts on the value of blogging for your business.

Written by: Lylette Primell

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Rant By a Pissed off MLM Insider - What He Had To Say

I Am Not The Only MLM Insider With An "Axe To Grind"

Just when I though that I was the only one who was having a "rant a day" about MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Vincent Ortega Jr Co Founder of Internet Lifestyle Network came up with this trump which he posted on Facebook.

After asking and getting his permission to use it on my blog I am sharing it with you.

The following is what he had to say about some MLM and direct sales companies that restrict the rights of their members from joing other business opportunities.

Vincent Ortega Jr in his own words:

Some of you all won't want to hear this...


Make sure they aren't putting you in jail with them first! 

I am so pissed off by all the mlm and direct sales companies that "don't allow you" to promote other opportunities because "it's competing" with them.

It's B.S! 

Hey [insert taking away freedom company here],

If you are so worried...?

Then make a better company or product, so people don't need to have a reason to leave you and promote something else!

Here is an idea?

1. Make a better product!
2. Make a better comp plan!
3. Make a better community!

...and stop taking away peoples freedom!

People become entrepreneurs because they want freedom. 

And it pisses me off that people make companies, that put distributers in jail, so they are never allowed to sell anything else!


GET A LIFE [insert taking away freedom company owner here]... 


I could go on a rampage about the actual names of the companies right now, but I don't need to, I just want to make sure this message is heard loud and clear!

I will just say this though...


The Internet Lifestyle Network WILL NEVER DO THIS TO YOU!


Because we actually care about the hearts and freedom of our people.

If people aren't "dedicated" to our stuff, that means we messed up, and we didn't provide the best product, comp plan, opportunity, leadership, etc!

When you sign up with us... 

We will never lock you in jail!

We will never say our opportunity is the only thing on the planet you can now promote, or we will terminate you!


SO not only will you make an amazing income with 
The Internet Lifestyle Network like so many are doing right now...

YOU WILL ALSO BE FREE to promote whatever the heck you want during the time we are blessed to have you with us, building on the vision of changing your life and the peoples lives around you.

Yes you heard me right...

We are blessed to have you!

You are not blessed to have found us, more than we are blessed to have the pleasure to serve you!

Many company owners lose sight on what actually got their company to the level it's at.


The companies success isn't because of the company!

The success is because of you, it's because of the people!

These companies opportunities are NOTHING without you!

So stop feeling "so blessed" because you have that company, and understand that you are everything to that companies success!

Of course it goes both ways...

But never let a company make you feel like you should "owe them something," and you should feel so blessed to have them in your life.

That's BS again!


They are blessed to have you!

Bottom line...

You become an entrepreneur so you can have freedom.



You need to pass this message on before more people get locked into a jail cell they never knew they were walking into.

And for those of you who I am talking about who are stuck right now...

Think about if you really want to be stuck in that jail for the rest of your life and want to keep bringing people into that jail cell with you.

Stop caring so much about your money...

And be honest...

You need to be upfront about what people are getting themselves into when they are signing that paperwork.

Let them know they are screwed to ever do anything else once they sign the dotted line.

If you don't let them know...

All you care about is your money...

And you don't have a heart...

Plain and simple... --"