Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays form the MLM Rant

Holiday Greetings Far and Wide

Though Christmas day has come and gone I still would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays.

Thank you to all who have read my blog and supported by leaving a comment or giving it a +1  on Google+.

It is truly amazing the times we live in where we can have business online and interact through our blogs and social network sites with people from various walks of life all across the planet.

It is my belief that we live in one of the most dynamic times in the history of society. The way we can come together via the Internet for business, friendships and even connecting with old friends and distant relatives.

We now own the privilege to broadcast our holiday cheer to people far and wide. 

So where ever you are and however you celebrate the Christmas holidays I wish you love, joy, peace and happiness in everything you do.

Lylette Primell

Friday, December 20, 2013

Action is the Fuel of Your MLM Business

Stay in Motion by Taking Daily Action

Newtons law states that; "a body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest". and it will remain at rest unless an external force acts upon it.

We could apply this theory to our MLM business as well because it is proven that when we take daily action towards building our business we continue to do so. This may be due to the fact that when we consistently take action daily to build our business we begin to see results.

The results we may see in the beginning may seem minimal and incremental but over time we begin to experience more and more results due to this consistent action.

Likewise when we procrastinate or do not take action we know without a doubt what the obvious result of that will be.

I have said it many times and I will say it again; building an MLM business is not easy but it can be done. With the correct training and the right attitude anyone with the will to do so can become successful with their MLM business.

If you are a "struggling" Multi Level Marketer and would like to be part of a supportive and dynamic community of entrepreneurs connect with me via Facebook to get access to this community.

This dynamic group of action takers are changing lives daily by sharing ideas on how to take your MLM business to the next level.

Regardless of which MLM company you are associated with you will be welcomed to this MLM family of like minded go-getters and visionaries.

Take action by connecting with me. It is time to give yourself that opportunity you always dreamt of.

Lylette Primell
Grenada, Caribbean

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MLM Slump: Is Fear Sabotaging Your MLM Business

Fear the Number One Enemy in Your MLM Business

So you are a Multi Level Marketer and like most people who are, you are dedicated to building an MLM business. Also like most of your counterparts you go through the fear that you will never make it in this business

We all do. We question whether it all makes sense or whether we are capable of succeeding in MLM.

Fear of failure is a constant companion. You are not alone in this feeling, I think this is a feeling shared by the average Multi Level Marketer.

The big question, if there was one; is how do we conquer this fear? How do we get past sabotaging ourselves?

The trick is to first identify that fear or fears. By identifying them we are taking the first step to ridding ourselves of them.

Acknowledging our fears could be our first step to making a break through and moving beyond whatever it is that holds us back and inhibits our success with our MLM business.

Click on the Video "Minute With Mark" to listen to Mark Hoverson Co Founder of Internet Lifestyle Network as he breaks down how we can move beyond our fears and make the break through many of us find so elusive.

Success in MLM does not have to be as elusive as it seems. Addressing the issues that are holding us back can give us that edge we need to reaching the success we desire.

Written by:  Lylette Primell

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MLM Ideas You Could Use

Vide Marketing Gems any MLM business could use

Today I had some down time and browsed the Internet looking at ways to improve my MLM video marketing skills.

I found some great tit bits on how to improve YouTube views in this article "7 Little Know Tricks That Will Get You More YouTube Views"

Great information for anyone not familiar with all the benefits of YouTube. It certainly helped me and so I though someone else my find it just as useful.

Tips On How To Find Topics For Your MLM Videos

I was also thinking about ways of finding new topics for your videos.

Doing video daily to promote your business demands that you have a wealth of ideas and topics to refer to on demand.

In the following video I share some ideas that I find useful that can be employed to get fresh content and topics for your video marketing.

A fresh supply of topics can help keep your video content interesting so others may find it useful and informative.

Success with MLM sometimes demand that we be innovative and creative.

Author: Lylette Primell
Grenada, Caribbean

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Get Out of the Closet! Stop Hiding Behind Your Affiliate Links

Don't Be a Closet MLM (er)

Are you hiding the fact that you are a Multi-Level Marketer. 

As I mentioned before I have been around the MLM industry for a very long time. Due to this fact I have had many experiences while working at promoting my business.

In the last few weeks I am realizing that I have been in many ways, for many years a closet MLM(er).

A closet MLM(er) in my opinion is someone who is involved with an MLM business and have been for quite a while but will never openly admit it with conviction and confidence.

When I examine myself I realized that this is exactly what I was. Yes! I love the industry. I love the company that I am affiliated with, the products and I love the people that I have been fortunate to connect with over the years.

Though I have always promoted my business I would always feel a sense of lack of conviction in what I was doing. This of course has inhibited me from truly representing my belief in my MLM business.

Now common sense would tell you that if you do not have full conviction in what you are doing; how could you convince others that it is good for them?

Internet Lifestyle Network and What It Can Do for You

I recently connected with a company called Internet Lifestyle Network solely to get the benefits of their blogging platform and A class training.

Through this mind opening training I am able to see where I was hurting myself by not fully owning up to what I am doing and my love for what I do.

The Leaders in Internet Lifestyle Network take you literally by the hand and teach you how to stand proud as a Multi-Level Marketer/Network Marketer. 

They teach you how to polish your weak areas and how by doing so you will open your life and business to success and have fun doing so.

Video will help you build your brand

No More Hiding Behind Referral and Affiliate Links

The truth is if you are like I was and are hiding behind your referral and affiliate links you need to change that now if you want to see a difference in your MLM business.

We cannot win people's trust if we don't express conviction and confidence in the thing we want to capture their interest in.

Our conviction is what they are drawn to not our eloquent words and "amazing" product lines. People can somehow sense when we are not fully convinced about what we are conveying to them.

A phrase that is bandied about a lot in MLM is "people don't join companies they join people". This being true then to get the best benefit out of your business you have to speak up and represent it with confidence. That is if your intention is for people to trust you enough to want to partner with you in your MLM business.

One way I am learning to do this in Internet Lifestyle Network is by doing videos. With my videos I have a voice and an identity I am not just a name attached to an affiliate link.

Let others see who you are not just an affiliate link with you name but you reaching out in an honest and sincere manner.

Doing videos also yields a greater benefit in that it allows you to brand yourself. Others begin to put a face to you and relate it to what you do. This establishes you as the true MLM partner that you are. 

If you need more information about Internet Lifestyle Network and how you could be a part of this this dynamic team connect with me by leaving a comment or contact me via any of my social media links on the right side of this page.

Author: Lylette Primell

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Start A Conversation About Your MLM Business by Blogging

Talk To Your MLM Audience Start a Blog

It is important to start a conversation about your MLM business by blogging about what your do.

Trying to build your MLM business online sometimes seems like you are in a yawning desert lost in the endless drifting sand.

It does not have to be that way. You can narrow the gap between you and the rest of the cyber world by starting a blog.

You can have as many blogs as your like. That decision is all up to you. I have about four blogs two of which I update regurarly - The MLM Rant and Lylette Primell Online

Many people think that they are not writers so they hesitate to start a blog. The good thing about blogs is that you do not have to be a great wirier to start one.

Thanks to the Internet anyone with the will to begin sharing their thoughts or ideas can start a blog.

Blogs are a way of expressing one's self and therefore are the most perfect way to start a conversation about your online business.

There are many different types of blogs - personal, travel, music, business, and much more. They all engage their audience by having a "conversation" with them. They discuss what is relevant to their area of interest and so get and keep the attention of their audience.

Many Multi-Level Marketers are using blogs to communicate with their customers and prospects. If you are not yet blogging for your business you are missing out on a large part of an available market share.

When it comes to blogging for your business the pen may well be seen as mightier than the sword.

This short article by Online Blog gives a quick review of some of the different types of blogs.

In the following video I share my own thoughts on the value of blogging for your business.

Written by: Lylette Primell

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Rant By a Pissed off MLM Insider - What He Had To Say

I Am Not The Only MLM Insider With An "Axe To Grind"

Just when I though that I was the only one who was having a "rant a day" about MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Vincent Ortega Jr Co Founder of Internet Lifestyle Network came up with this trump which he posted on Facebook.

After asking and getting his permission to use it on my blog I am sharing it with you.

The following is what he had to say about some MLM and direct sales companies that restrict the rights of their members from joing other business opportunities.

Vincent Ortega Jr in his own words:

Some of you all won't want to hear this...


Make sure they aren't putting you in jail with them first! 

I am so pissed off by all the mlm and direct sales companies that "don't allow you" to promote other opportunities because "it's competing" with them.

It's B.S! 

Hey [insert taking away freedom company here],

If you are so worried...?

Then make a better company or product, so people don't need to have a reason to leave you and promote something else!

Here is an idea?

1. Make a better product!
2. Make a better comp plan!
3. Make a better community!

...and stop taking away peoples freedom!

People become entrepreneurs because they want freedom. 

And it pisses me off that people make companies, that put distributers in jail, so they are never allowed to sell anything else!


GET A LIFE [insert taking away freedom company owner here]... 


I could go on a rampage about the actual names of the companies right now, but I don't need to, I just want to make sure this message is heard loud and clear!

I will just say this though...


The Internet Lifestyle Network WILL NEVER DO THIS TO YOU!


Because we actually care about the hearts and freedom of our people.

If people aren't "dedicated" to our stuff, that means we messed up, and we didn't provide the best product, comp plan, opportunity, leadership, etc!

When you sign up with us... 

We will never lock you in jail!

We will never say our opportunity is the only thing on the planet you can now promote, or we will terminate you!


SO not only will you make an amazing income with 
The Internet Lifestyle Network like so many are doing right now...

YOU WILL ALSO BE FREE to promote whatever the heck you want during the time we are blessed to have you with us, building on the vision of changing your life and the peoples lives around you.

Yes you heard me right...

We are blessed to have you!

You are not blessed to have found us, more than we are blessed to have the pleasure to serve you!

Many company owners lose sight on what actually got their company to the level it's at.


The companies success isn't because of the company!

The success is because of you, it's because of the people!

These companies opportunities are NOTHING without you!

So stop feeling "so blessed" because you have that company, and understand that you are everything to that companies success!

Of course it goes both ways...

But never let a company make you feel like you should "owe them something," and you should feel so blessed to have them in your life.

That's BS again!


They are blessed to have you!

Bottom line...

You become an entrepreneur so you can have freedom.



You need to pass this message on before more people get locked into a jail cell they never knew they were walking into.

And for those of you who I am talking about who are stuck right now...

Think about if you really want to be stuck in that jail for the rest of your life and want to keep bringing people into that jail cell with you.

Stop caring so much about your money...

And be honest...

You need to be upfront about what people are getting themselves into when they are signing that paperwork.

Let them know they are screwed to ever do anything else once they sign the dotted line.

If you don't let them know...

All you care about is your money...

And you don't have a heart...

Plain and simple... --" 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Video: The Change Agent in MLM

A Video a day could bring dollars to your MLM business

The MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) world is changing and the race now is not only for those who can endure. The race may now be rigged in favor of those who have the courage to get out ahead of the rapid and inevitable changes being forecast.

Bob Reina CEO of Talk Fusion, one of the leading MLM companies in video marketing tools, stated that; "The key to creating wealth is to find out where the masses are going and get there first".

It is difficult not to agree with him when the obvious changes in customer attitudes are staring us right in the face. This article that I recently read singled out 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Online Video Advertising 

If this is true it endorses the argument that "video" is definitely a change agent in the future of MLM. The obvious reason being that most if not all MLM companies and their partnering associates now do a large percentage of their marketing online.

Take your MLM business to the nest level by adding video 

It is no wonder that many of the leaders in the industry are persuading their teams to get out of their comfort zone and start doing videos. They are being encouraged to Get out and engage their online audience "face to face" via videos. 

Videos appear much more interactive and people are more inclined to take the time to watch them. From mere observation I can attest to the fact that on the five Facebook pages that I manage, posts with video attached out preform every other post by about eighty to ninety percent. Besides being viewed more they are also "liked" and commented on twice as much as any other posts.

Though I have been in MLM for many years I have never considered doing video before. The truth is I never had the courage until I encounter Vincent Ortega Jr one of the Co Founders of Internet Lifestyle Network and listened to what he had to say about what video did for his online business.

His word's give me the courage to start doing videos and also convinced me about the value of video for my MLM business. 

Now I do a video everyday and am committed to doing one everyday for one hundred days.

I must admit that doing a video everyday builds your confidence and any fear you had about being on camera begins to dissipate. 

Video and MLM the prefect synergy

The die is cast and it appears that video is definitely written into the future of Multi-level Marketing. whether we decide to participate or not is up to us. 

Adding video to your arsenal of marketing tools is not that difficult. Getting out and actually doing it may be the hardest step. Once that hurdle is crossed doing the videos consistently is the next challenge. This is where individual will is required since no one can actually sit in front of the camera and do your videos for you.

There is a "method to the madness" of doing one video daily. I believe that if it is done daily then it becomes a habit and a natural part of our business activities.  

I feel certain that the quality of my videos will improve over time. We can only know our strengths and weaknesses by taking action. Taking action is the first step, consistent action will in time reap the desired rewards.

Two weeks ago I have never done and published a public video. Today I did my 13th video and each day my confidence is growing as I move closer to achieving my goal of doing one hundred videos.

Now that I am doing it I feel sure that anyone with the will and courage can do the same too.

Here is my latest video published today to YouTube:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What is your MLM Breaking Point?

The Breaking Point

When do we really give up in our MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business? Is it the first week, first month, first year?

Recently I listened to an interview by a reporter that was harshly criticizing MLM. He did his interview with two different women both of whom claimed to have lost money in their MLM and were both seeking compensation from the company they were involved with.

What caught my attention more than anything in the interview was the fact that one of the women, who claimed to have been a high ranking sales person for many years, quit after three months because in that time she did not see a profit.

Have Realistic Expectations 

This got me thinking about what kind of expectations people come into the MLM industry with and are they being told the truth about what it takes to build a business to the point where it can realize a profit. Statistics show that even conventional business never realize a profit in its first year least of all first three months.

To tell someone that they will realize profits in their MLM business in or before three months is misleading on many levels. At the same time to expect it is remarkable naive on that person's part.

This is not to say that I dispute claims by some that they have made five and six figure earnings in their MLM business in short spaces of time but it is common knowledge that this is the exception and not the rule.

We all I am sure would love to be in profit the first day we start out in business whether MLM or otherwise but common sense tells us that this is not the case.

MLM Is For The Lion Hearted

A business require time and dedication to build. MLM especially requires dedication, commitment, persistence, determination and consistent effort before any measure of success could be realized.

There will be good days and their will be days of pure frustration and lack of motivation.

It is on these days that the "sheep gets separated from the wolves" so to speak. The tough will get going and the not so tough will quit in frustration and despair.

It is therefore up to us to decide whether we are tough enough to hang in there and continue doing the things required for us to succeed or whether we become defeated by frustration and throw in the towel.

It is now "official" and duly acknowledged that MLM is for the "lion hearted". Those who can sit tight through the toughest times without flinching until they have achieved their desired goal.

As I always say do your due diligence so that your can make a qualified decision whether MLM is right for you. By doing that you will save yourself the agony of feeling cheated or that you are a failure.

It has been said that, people don't fail at MLM, they give up before they had the opportunity to find out whether they will succeed. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What is your MLM Mindset?

Mindset could be considered one of the major cornerstones of building a successful MLM business.

The Free Dictionary defines mindset as:

1. A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretation of situations.

2. An inclination or habit

Recently I decided to take on the challenge of doing one video everyday for one-hundred days. I have never before done public videos therefore, have never uploaded videos to my YouTube channel even though I have been a member there for many years.

As I progress into my fifth day of this challenge I can feel a dramatic change taking place within me. I have so far made about 8 videos. Considering I have never made public videos before I feel like this quite an accomplishment. I took this challenge for the express reason of getting over my fear of being on camera.

Reading other blogs I noticed some bloggers write about their own challenges. What they had to overcome to build their MLM business to make the coveted breakthrough we all dream and aspire to.

One particular YouTube video I remembered talked about "bloody knuckles" and it made me think yes, one can also get "bloody finger tips" in this business. Especially if you are determined to make a success of it.

The past few days I have come to realize and accept that to build an MLM business it takes a particular mindset. Without that mindset it is almost virtually impossible to succeed.

A focused attitude is an elemental and necessary asset for achieving success in MLM.

I remember someone saying that if you are able to stay in the same MLM business for four years, working your business consistently during that time you are almost certain to achieve financial success.

What are some of  the challenges you experience building your MLM business? Please feel free to share in the comment section.

In this short video I talked a bit about focus and why I think it is necessary to staying the course in your MLM business.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Step Up Your MLM Game Plan! Challenge Yourself

It is a bit weird for me to think of myself as "getting started" in my MLM business since I have been around the industry for many years. Yet! in some ways I feel like I am doing exactly that.

I must admit that I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge over the years being in the industry though I am yet to achieve the success that I would like to. Looking back I can now understand some of the reasons why my progress was inhibited.

To succeed in MLM it has become necessary that we step out of our comfort zone. Was I ready to step out of my comfort zone? I don't think so! All these years later I had to admit that this has been my major weakness. My inability to step out and do the things that were required to take my business to the next level resulted in minimal growth.

Connecting and meeting with people, making calls to prospects, doing the business presentation and always taking consistent action are all things required to give an MLM business momentum.

In the present market place if you are using the Internet to promote your business you need to have an even more aggressive approach. Writing blogs, being active in social sites, making videos and updating your YouTube channel, advertising your business and promoting at every opportunity are all necessary actions that must be taken.

Recently I have considered doing video marketing for the first time. I have been inhibited from doing so because of a unfounded fear of being on camera. There is no reason why I should have this fear except maybe lack of confidence. This is what I mean about being afraid to step out of our comfort zone. The fear holds us bound and we are unable to take the next necessary step to realizing our dreams.

To move beyond this paralysing fear I have decided to take up a challenge issued by one of the leaders at Internet Lifestyles Network a few months ago. He challenged the members that if they did one video daily for one hundred (100) days they will make a sale. If they did one videos daily and posted it to there YouTube channel, Facebook and Google+ and were unable to make a sale in that one hundred days time he would give them one hundred dollars ($100.00).

After connecting with a few members who were already doing this challenge I became interested. Their confidence, motivation and enthusiasm encouraged me to take up the challenge myself. I feel convinced that by taking action and doing this I would be better positioned to get past any fear I harbour about being in front of a camera. Generating income while doing it would of course be an added reward.

Cisco the Networking Equipment giant published in their Visual Networking Index that "Globally, customer Internet video traffic will be 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017, up from 57 percent in 2012" 

Considering that this is true it becomes imperative that anyone intending to make an impact online in the future will need to utilize the use of video to get the attention of their desired audience.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of stepping up your MLM game plan? If you are, then challenge yourself to do something you were afraid of doing before. Something that you know that by doing it that it could make a great difference for your business. Whether it is - starting a blog, creating videos or making calls to prospects. 

Whatever it is make a decision to do it today. We all carry our individual fears but I have learned that those fears take away our power to step out and do the things that could make a difference in our lives and business.

If we make a commitment right now to step up our game plan we may be able to look back and recognize that making that commitment was the pivotal moment when our MLM business began to deliver the results we desire.

Challenge yourself right now by taking the 24 Hour Test Drive on how you too can step out of your comfort zone and start creating your own videos. All you need to do is sign up for the test drive to see what others are doing and saying about their participation and experience.

You can also click the image below to get a sneak preview of my very first public video.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Who Are You Spending Time With?

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is an ever evolving industry constantly giving birth to new ideas. One such idea that has taken firm hold within the industry is that to build a successful business you need to be part of a strong, dynamic and supportive team. The most successful people in the business all seem to be part of such teams. We notice such teams appearing everywhere on social networks every day.

"You are the average of the five people your spend time with". I came across this quote by Jim Rohn recently and it has stuck with me. I find myself constantly replaying it in my mind over and over. There is a lot of food for thought in that statement and it has given me cause to reflect on my own situation in this regard.

If this statement is true we should all be taking a closing look at ourselves and asking; Who am I spending my time with? Is the time I spend with them adding value to my life? The answers to these questions may be a good measure of whether we are maximising our time in that respect.

I can only speak honestly about my own experience. What I have observed is that when I am with people who I share common interests with I feel much more inspired and motivated to stay focus on my dreams and aspirations. My belief is that those who share common interest keep each other accountable. Thus, it is easier to stay focus knowing that others are depending on us to do the responsible thing.

This is true whether it be our business or other interests. A quick example I can think of is when we work out in a gym or do yoga with a group we feel more motivated to stay the course. Left alone we are more likely to give up or become lackadaisical.

With My MLM business whenever I attend meetings it reinforces my focus and inspires me to continue moving forward. Working with a group minimises the chances of becoming disillusioned or losing interest. Connecting with leaders and mentors also help us to grow and expand our vision for our lives.
I believe that the way to grow and succeed in your MLM is to find a strong, motivated, dynamic and supportive group to work with. Such groups challenge us to push ourselves by making us accountable. It can also help us to move past some of our inhibiting fears such as making presentations to an audience and taking on leadership roles.

In a supportive team everyone feel responsible for each other's success and by extension the success of the team. When many people within the team begin to experience success the team becomes highly motivated. A highly motivated team is focused and cohesive. Once a team is experience success it stays highly motivated. A highly motivated team is also very attractive to others who are desirous joining.

Having read the above quote by Jim Rohn has allowed me to be more aware of who I am spending time with.

Our commitment to ourselves should be to spend more time with those who share similar dreams and aspirations. Listen to those who have achieved the things we desire to achieve. Spend time sharing with those who have invested and partner with us. Develop our own knowledge base about MLM so in the future we can be the mentors, motivators and teachers.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

MLM Exposed: The Real 411...What You Should Know

I recently became affiliated with Internet Lifestyle Network.  I was looking around the Internet for a managed blogging platform to create a blog from which to promote my brand and business when I stumbled unto it.

What drew me to ILN (Internet Lifestyle Network) was a video on Google +. The video featured a guy named Raju who lives in India. He was discussing how the principles he was learning in ILN  has helped him to see progress with his online marketing.

I am presently going through the training videos in the "ILN University". I must confess that I am impressed with the wealth of information there and the simple direct way in which it is being presented.

This experience reminded me of something that I learnt a few years ago from a Network Marketing mentor and I thought I would share it here.

A few years ago I had been a member of another membership site for a number of months and there I gleaned a wealth of information about marketing online.

We were taught that if we were serious about building an online income whether it is in Network Marketing, MLM or Affiliate Marketing there were some things that we must do. These things were listed as:
  1. Becoming open-minded and teachable
  2. Committing time and effort to your business
  3. There must be a willing to learn some new things
  4. Expect and be willing to spend some money
  5. Be willing to commit to what is required to achieve your goals
Going through the ILN training material reminded me of these truths and how vital they are to securing an income and achieving any success in an MLM business. 

  • Becoming open minded and teachable:
Starting any business is in itself a challenge even for the over ambitious and seasoned entrepreneur. Starting and running an MLM business has proven to be even more challenging if prevailing statistics on rates of failure are to be believed.  

We were taught that people fail at Internet Marketing and MLM  because they lack the willingness to be open-minded and teachable.

The very nature of the MLM business model require that we throw out all that we think we know about business. It demands that we become the humble student willing to learn from those who have successfully trodden the path.

It is a common belief in MLM that those who can copycat best are the ones who succeed in their business. The very reason why some dub it "Copycat Marketing"

  • Committing time and effort to your business
Any business MLM or otherwise require time and attention to develop and grow. The general consensus is that at least seven to ten hours weekly should be committed strictly to building your MLM business. 

Ultimately how much time we choose to sacrificed to our business is our individual decision. I was taught that we not only commit time to our business but we have to learn to use that time wisely. If the time spent on our business is not utilized wisely then our chances of success is just as diminished as when we do nothing.

  • There must be a willingness to learn new things
We are aware that not everyone is computer and Internet "savvy". Therefore if we desire to build our business using the Internet, even as we build it offline, we must become open to learning some new things. 

Some of the things that could come under required learning are - prospecting, building a list of names, working that list of names whether through phone calls or email, conducting a three way call, supporting down-line associates, attending meetings whether on or offline, attending training seminars and webinars and committing time to reading and listening to self development information. 

If you are building your business online some basic skills in using the Internet may definitely be required.

  • Expect and be willing to spend some money
We are all aware that there are many "opportunities" online that scream to us "join FREE and make X amount of money" I am sure I said this before and I am happy to say it again. There is no way you will make any money without investing some money. There are many "businesses" that make this promise online and I think they are one of the reasons for much of the frustration with MLM. The only thing you can get from nothing is nothing. 

Anyone who is serious about starting and building an MLM business then must be prepared to spend some money. If you are working with a small budget then look for a business that require a low investment. The bottom line is be prepared to spend some money.

  • Be willing to commit to what is required to achieve your goals
Commitment is the hallmark of success in most things. If we desire to achieve our goals we must commit to what is required to do so. 

Starting and building an MLM business demands certain commitments. Commitment powered by determination, focus and consistency has always been deemed the true recipe for achieving one's goals.

Whether you are considering starting an MLM or conventional business these principles will apply one way or another. Above all our attitude is what will determine whether we succeed or fail to achieve our desired goal.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

"See you on the beaches of the world" ...Worn out MLM hype?

Me looking out at a breathtaking view on the Island of Carriacou
Is it time to take a hard look at what has become cliché in  MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)?

Telling someone who live on a Caribbean or Tropical Island "See you on the beaches of the world" is like telling an bird; "see you in a tree"

I live in the Caribbean on a tropical Island, yes! sun, sand and sea is a common experience that we live daily on one level or another.

Actually it was looking out of my window this morning that made me realise how hollow such a statement might be to many people who are in MLM and live on Tropical Islands.

I do not doubt that it may hold some motivation for someone who live in a different part of the world but to someone who live on a tropical Island there is no wow factor in such a statement.

Having access to some of the most beautiful beaches and experiencing them first hand is a privileged we enjoy and I must say I am grateful for. An MLM pitch that says: "See you on the beaches of the world", therefore, sound worn out and overuse to me. Maybe the statement had its hay day when the world was a "smaller place" and we lived much more remote lives secluded from each other.

In the early days of MLM, before the advent of the internet someone might have gone dreamy eyed after hearing such a statement. Today we live in an ever shrinking "global village" where there are less and less degrees of separation between us.

Many people have access to MLM and are starting their own business thanks to the internet. These people live scattered across the globe Tropical Islands included. Therefore, many things that held any mystique in the past fail to do so any more.

Due to this shrinking of the globe people in the Caribbean and other people who live "on the beaches of the world" now participate en mass in the MLM industry.

Things have changed dramatically and it is time the language of the industry change too. If you live on a tropical Island; "See you on the beaches of the world" has a very hallow ring to it. Considering any number of beaches are just a short drive away.

I know I am not qualified to speak for everyone but I also am sure many people have thought of this and may agree.

This is not to say that there is no appreciation for an all expenses paid trip like the ones many MLM companies give out as bonuses for high achievement. It just seem that such statements have become cliché and in the present environment may have had their day. They therefore hold no real power to motivate and encourage as they did previously.

It is becoming apparent that we are in a time of new "MLM speak". Thankfully many leaders in the industry are aware of this and they are speaking to "the meat of the matter". They give value by discussing the truths of the industry and what it takes to build an MLM business. This I continue to believe is what people are interested in and want to hear.

People want to hear what it entails to achieve what is necessary to get to "the beaches of the world".
They are aware that it is not all just glitz and glamour one need to put in some "blood sweat and tears" to coin another cliché.

Changing the way we present MLM, seems to me to be the the way forward. Those who support the industry and are invested in it need to see the value in changing the language with the changing environment.

"See you on the beaches of the world" is only one of the hallow worn out statements that Network Marketers and MLMers continue to use. We are definitely on the cusp of change. A change that is rapid and driven by ever advancing technology

The very survival of the MLM industry may well hang on how we adapt to that change. Maybe it is time to review the language. Time to talk about what holds real value for the listener in this environment of hyper-change

Written By: Lylette Primell


Friday, November 8, 2013

MLM Can Overwhelm You. The Importance of Staying Focus

I must admit that I am no MLM (Multi- Level Marketing) expert or guru. Nor am I aspiring to become thus. Whatever I blog about regarding this subject comes mainly from my day to day experience with building my own MLM business.

Yes! I do appreciate the MLM model of business very much. That I have confessed to often enough both on and offline. Therefore, when I bolg about different aspects of building an MLM business I strive to share my own honest and objective opinion based on what I have experienced.

If you have been around the industry long enough and have used the internet as a means of reaching prospect and customers, who are interested in what you promote, then you understand the importance of having an undivided focus.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the information coming at you via your inbox or social sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter? Are you bombarded daily with invitations to join one MLM business after another?

We are without a doubt living in an age of  "hyper information" or some would say information overload. The question is how do we maintain a single-mindedness of focus in the face of this seemingly unavoidable intrusion?

In my early days of MLM online I found it difficult to stay focus and became prey to every new shiny business that captured my imagination. Before very long I was inundated with more information than I could logically process or filter. Fortunately for me I found a mentor who taught me that lack of focus is one of the main reasons why people never succeeded in marketing online.

He stressed the need to stay focus on the business you are invested in and promoting. In the face of all the shiny new daily start-ups online, this is obviously difficult for most of us. I know this because just in the last forty-eight hours I was contacted and invited to join about six new opportunities both by long time acquaintances and a few new ones. I therefore, ask the question; how do we reconcile this and remain focus on our present business?

My only suggestion would be this gem of wisdom shared by Bob Reina the CEO of Talk Fusion. His advise to associates is that we give our business at least one year of unobstructed focus and attention. He advise that we use the system provided by the company as a guide to building our business. He argues that if this is done, coupled with giving at least seven (7) to ten (10) hours weekly to building our Talk Fusion business, by the end of the first year we would not want to quit.

Listen to Bob Reina in his own words:

                                                      Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina

The obvious reason being that with consistent effort and focus on your business you stand a greater chance of deriving the benefits you desire. You begin to see a greater likelihood of achieving your goals and dreams. This of course would motivate and encourage you to stay the course.

Bob Reina's advise therefore, seem to be a practical and sensible approach that anyone serious about building an MLM business can adopt. It is a principal that can be useful regardless of which company you are affiliated with.

Many people argue that we all need multiple streams of income and I agree to an extent. Even experts like Robert Kiyosaki weigh in on the importance and necessity of this. Ultimately I believe that choosing to have more than one means of earning an income is an individual choice.

What I think is necessary for succeeding in your MLM is to focus on building a solid foundation for one business before moving to others. That may be the easiest way to avoid becoming overwhelmed by having to cope with too many things at the same time.

When we feel inundated because we are pulled in too many directions simultaneously we lose focus and defeat sets in. When this occurs we are much more inclined to give up. This cause us to feel a sense of failure caused mainly by confusion.

To avoid this I suggest taking Bob Reina's advise and focus on one opportunity for at least one year. Allow it time to grow and develop. By doing this we give ourselves a better opportunity of experiencing progress and success. Which in turn would give us the drive and motivation we need to continue to build our business.

Most of all MLM like any other business need time and nurturing to develop and grow. If you believe all the hype about getting rich in one month then MLM is not for you. Any right thinking person will know that it is not possible to get rich overnight in any business MLM or otherwise.

To avoid being overwhelmed and losing focus on your goals and dreams make a commitment now to develop a "tunnel vision" approach to building your MLM business

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MLM Dream Trashers

I call them the dream "trashers". Dexter Yager was much more subtle he titled his book; "Don't let anybody steal your dream". A must read if you are serious about staying focus and building your Multi- Level Marketing business.

Have you ever spent time around someone who speaks only negatively about MLM. Regardless of what you tell them they insist that what you are doing is a waste of time. Did their continued insistence cause you to dig your heels in and decide there and then that your MLM business is exactly what you want to and will do.

This is exactly the kind of day I was having today. It occurred to me that if I did not have a "why" before for building my business I have definitely found it. In situations like this negativity tends to do one or two things - it causes you to give in and give up or you to dig your heels in and decide that you are doing this no matter what.

Building an MLM business is never easy and in the face of constant discouragement it takes a level of tenacity to stay focus. The only way to shut up the naysayers is to build your business and achieve the success you so deeply desire. This is exactly the task we must set ourselves and we must stay the course to achieve it.

Writing this blog has served as a great outlet for me and being able to do so today made me feel better about my business. It could sometimes be difficult to keep a clear vision when surrounded by so much negative attitudes and energy. You find yourself in a struggle to remain focus. Having to push yourself to take the next step towards achieving the goals you set yourself.

Maybe we have these experiences because we need them to :keep us in the fight" so to speak. We need them to strengthen our belief in ourselves especially when those closest to us refuse to believe in us.

It is important in time like these to have the support of a Networking community. Fortunately for me today I was able to reach out to that community. Connecting with someone today from that community served to inspire and encourage me. Thanks to him my day took a much more positive and productive turn.

One very bright light about MLM is that when we connect with those who truly believe in and represent the industry they help us to remain inspired. They keep us motivated give us the drive we need to keep moving forward against whatever odds we may be facing. Today I am very grateful that I was able to experience such a connection

Having these encounters with those who can only see that there is no way to succeed with MLM is a good lesson in itself. It allows us to be more understanding and sympathetic to those who join the industry only to be talked out of it by people who they love and respect.

I know from experience that it takes a lot of courage to stay focus in the face of such criticism and discouragement. It becomes obvious that the negative attitudes of those close to us have a great deal to do with the high rate of attrition experienced by the MLM industry.

If one of the main motivations of those who discourage us from perusing our dreams is their own fear of our success then it becomes imperative that we succeed. I must admit that all the discouragement drives me to work harder towards achieving my goals.

Whatever your challenges at the moment may be in your MLM business take courage in the words of Dexter Yager and "Don't let anybody steal your dream".

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Honest MLM" - Oxymoron or not?

Would it be an oxymoron to say "Honest MLM";  what do you think?

According to The Free Online Dictionary, Oxymoron means - a rhetorical device or figure of speech in which contradictory or opposite words or concepts are combined for effect.

The consensus it seem, is that there can be no real honest way of presenting the MLM business. That is if your intention is to influence others to join your business. It is believed that without the hype, glitz and false promises many would not give MLM a second look.

I thought about this and concluded that this is not entirely true, considering the amount of available information about any subject that can be found online. Thanks to the internet, MLM like most things has become fair game for intense scrutiny because of the Google. Totally unlike the early days of the industry when only particular individuals had monopoly over the "inside scoop".

I therefore believe that it is now paramount that those of us within the industry realise the benefits of changing our attitudes to suit the changing business environment.

We live in a world of daily "whistle blowers" and  "top secrets" leaks and businesses are in no way immune to this. When it comes to negative publicity MLM especially attracts its fair share of those intent on discrediting the industry and just hoping for another opportunity to say "I told you so".

With this knowledge at our disposal there should be a greater effort made towards openness and transparency when engaging others regarding our experiences with MLM.  Especially if we seek to partner with them. It is only right that people have an honest account of what they are getting into. This allows them to make an educated decision on whether they wish to be involved or otherwise.

Individual MLM companies train there associates and market their company differently. If you seek to partner with a particular company ask as many questions as you can. Then let the answers to those questions be your guide when deciding whether to join that company or not.

Avoid being duped by the promise of wealth and easy money. If it is Free it probably would not make you any money. The only thing you can get from nothing is nothing.

This is precisely where much of the frustration with MLM begins. Anyone who tells you that by joining a business Free you will make money is only making a fool of you. Common sense says that this is not possible. It is as simple as that. If you are not prepared to invest money in a business you probably should not be in business. However, if you are serious about investing in an MLM business there are many online resources where you can find useful information about companies within the industry. NPros is one that I found very resourceful

Use common sense always when getting involved in the MLM industry or any business for that matter. Do your own due diligence. Learn about the industry, company and people you are attempting to partner with.

The internet we all know has dramatically changed our lives. Communicating and sharing information online is as common as interacting with members of your household. It begs the question; What benefit is there in divulging misleading information about something when that information is as easily accessible as Google.

We in the MLM industry should be asking ourselves hard questions about the way forward and how we present our business. Would it benefit us to use the old model of hyping and unrealistic false promises? Or! Would we see the greater long term benefit by giving a balance review of it based on our experience as MLM "insider"?

 It has been my experience that when we speak honestly about something it resonates much better both with the listener and to us as well. When we deliberately spread misleading information or make something out to be what we know it really is not we feel bad about ourselves and any smart listener can detect this.

This goes both for people who speak well of MLM as a business model as well as those who are totally against the industry. Spreading misleading information whether to keep someone from getting into MLM or to get them to invest in your business is no different. Any smart person would detect whether you are lying because you are angry towards MLM or because you are trying to influence them to join your business.

"Honest MLM" does not have to be or feel like an oxymoron. An industry that earns Billions yearly has nothing to be ashamed about. Neither should it continue to be the butt of angry nay sayers jokes.

Whether you refer to your MLM as Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Distribution Marketing or Relationship Marketing makes no difference. We should not feel the need to white wash the industry with new names. We should strive to represent the industry in such a way that it rises to the respect it deserves for bringing financial security and rewards to the millions it has over the past 50 years.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Does The MLM Love Affair Persist Against All The Odds?

Is MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) an industry who's time has finally come? I put this question out there because even as more and more resistance, in the form of every know accusation, continue to be levelled against the industry it has somehow persisted.

There seem to be no getting rid of the continuing throngs of people who join the industry daily. The idea that so many people are duped and lured into something that bring them no satisfaction becomes highly questionable. Might it be that many who venture into the business are driven simply by their own desire to achieve more out of life for themselves and those they care about.

My own intrigue and fascination with MLM has taken many turns. Over the years I have come to understand many things about the industry some of which I find appealing. I suspect that the same could be said for many others who have participated in the business in one way or another over any length of time.

The convenience of being able to work from home has to be the single most appealing thing about Multi-Level Marketing for many who invest. Yet, statistics show that a large percentage of people who come into the industry fail to earn any substantial income. Could this be because we over complicate what is required to build a solid MLM business?

Most MLM businesses come with a simple built in system of how it should be build. These systems very much resemble the franchise concept. All you are required to do is duplicate the system and teach those who you recruit to do the same. How is it then, that some people succeed at applying this system and earning incomes they would never have imagined and others with the same system simply fail and give up?

The answer for the high failure rate may well be found in the myth "anyone can build this business" that has been perpetuated over the years. It may be more appropriate to conclude what I heard at a seminar more recently "MLM is for everyone but not everyone is for MLM". If this is true then herein lies the answer to why there is so much room at the "top",

Yet! the love affair persists and I am sure will continue to persist in these uncertain changing economic times. With the desire to earn more just to maintain one's basic lifestyle the search for an alternative form of income will continue to drive more and more people towards MLM. With its easy entrance into the industry, low investment and promises of earning an extra income the lure is almost irresistible to those seeking opportunity and financial advancement.

Whether there is a blueprint for building an MLM business and who will or will not build a solid business is anyone's guess. Robert Kiyosaki in his wisdom breaks down who might be the most suitable persons for MLM or in his words Network Marketing in the following video.

It may be worth the while to consider this bit of wisdom when deciding who to partner up with in your MLM. I have long come to accept that there are those who will see the value in MLM and those who never will.

Therefore we can only conclude that one of the main reasons why the industry persists 50 years and counting is because of those who see the value it has to offer. I suppose there will always be those who will continue to drive the industry and support it through whatever changes lie ahead.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

5 Things We Love To Hate About MLM

The over exposed or even those not so exposed to MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) would understand the love hate relationship that many of us have with the industry. Those of us who have been around the business for a while come to love many things about it, but this does not absolve us from loving to hate some aspects of the business as well. Many would say "speak for yourself" and I will. Therefore I will take this opportunity to highlight five things I dislike or find downright annoying about MLM. I am certain that there are many more that can be added to this meagre list.

1. Attending the dreaded weekly MLM business opportunity meeting.

I know many of us find this especially annoying. Every "Tuesday" night having to dress up and show up with guest at the business meeting. Many people found this difficult because it simply did not fit in with their schedule and immediate commitments.

Thank to the internet this is rapidly changing. We can now all sit at home and attend online webinars and conference call in our Pyjamas with our coffee in hand. Some companies have gone so far as to work out a full ongoing schedule of daily meetings.

One company have found it useful to created an ongoing daily schedule so that anyone who choose to can attend any of at least five (5) opportunity meetings in as many as twenty (20) different languages, all from the comfort of their own home. This does not take away from those who choose to attend a live offline meeting if there is one schedule in their area. You now have the convenience of choosing to attend a live on or off line meeting.

Here is an example a of the A daily Webinar Scheule. All you need to do is scroll to the date and language of your choice hover your mouse and when the schedule drop down menu appears click on your desired time. You then can sign in as a guest at that time and join the live MLM business opportunity presentation right from the comfort of your home.

2. Being required to spend money over and over on MLM training and motivational material

Here again thanks to the internet this is a thing of the past for most "savvy" MLM business owners. Much of what is needed to build an MLM business comes with the business opportunity Start-up-kit. Most people today have some idea how to find free motivational material online and  many companies now host free online training webinars for their Associates.

3. Waiting to receive your MLM check at a given pay period.

Back in the old days of MLM many of us can remember waiting for the end of the month to collect our bonus and commission cheque. Which in many ways is not different from having a regular job and waiting for month end to be paid. If you are like me and live in the Caribbean this process could take up to three months. I can remember having to wait an extra 45 days after receiving my cheque and taking it to the bank. The bank nicely informed me that it is indeed a 45 day process to vet and clear such cheques.

Thankfully MLM companies have now found ways to pay their associates via debit cards and the process is much more efficient and people can have their earnings available to them in a much more reasonable time regardless of where they are in the world.

Even more phenomenal some MLM companies have led the way and created Compensation Plans that allow associates to get paid immediately on making a sale or achieving a bonus.

Here is a short video of one such Compensation Plan:

4. Listening to MLM associates boast about their commission and bonus cheques.

Have you ever seen those post on Facebook and other social sites with a photograph of a hand full of money claiming its their commission of X amount made in the last "two" days from their MLM business. Maybe you saw the ones that post huge snapshots of their commission page from their back office or payment processor detailing all the payments they have had over a given period.

They look something like this:

It all verges on annoyance and though I am not the one to speak of whether it is the correct or incorrect thing to do I am sure that many people find it distasteful. Many may even get turned off from MLM after being exposed to this seemingly common act perpetuated by those who persist in doing so across the internet.

5. My MLM is better than yours.

This is a very special one and thus must be made mention of. Many in the industry might have been guilty of this at one time or another.  Though on giving it some thought the stark pointlessness of such an argument becomes painfully obviously.

There can never be a useful argument about whether one MLM is better than the other since many people join the MLM of their choice for a variety of reasons. People look for what appeals to them about a given company; - the company's compensation plan, the product/s they market, availability and accessibility to that product, their connection to the people they are about to do business with among many other considerations.

In my case having been in the industry for some time, I choose to stay away from any MLM that market a physical product. This is simply due to my experience with the hassle of shipping products into the Caribbean. Marketing a product that the customer have immediate access to via the internet compliments my lifestyle and circumstances much more convenient than having to deal with shipping and handling along with other bureaucratic hurdles like customs and excise.

Does that make my company better than a company that market nutritional or luxury products, I doubt it. The individuals who chooses those companies would have done so because of reasons that suit their lifestyle and circumstances.

Those are the five immediate dislikes I can think about that I know many have harboured about MLM over the years. There are many more that can, have and will be mentioned as time passes since the MLM industry seem to do a relatively good job of generating continuous debate.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Get Motivated and build your MLM business

Here are a few words of motivation by well known financial adviser Robert Kiyokasi about owning your own business. Click on the link or on the image then click on the video to view.

 Business advice from Robert Kiyosaki

                                                            Own Your Own Business

If you dream of owning your own business or have already invested in an MLM business but lack the motivation to follow through. Here are a few  words of wisdom and encouragement from Robert Kiyosaki that you may find useful.

Sometimes all we need are a few words of motivation to keep us moving forward. The road of ambition may well be littered with many casualties but my belief is that a few consistent small steps taken daily can get us to our desired goal.

I heard a very profound line in a movie recently that struck me in a profound way. It basically said that a few small pieces added together over time can create something very big. Knowing that should be encouragement enough to keep us doing the things necessary to bring us closer to our dreams and goals.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hmmm! Why the passionate sometimes frenzied hatred toward MLM"?

Yes! Why the passionate sometimes frenzied hatred towards the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry? It may be difficult to believe but this is a very genuine question that came to me after reading quite a number of contributions by different commentators both for and against the MLM industry.

When one think of business models it is obvious that there are a variety of them know to us. Some we like some we dislike. Some we support some we avoid at all cost.

Those of us with a burning desires to be independent of a "job" at some point in our lives dream of owning our own business. Of course the resources to own our own business is most times outside the reach of ninety percent of us who desire to do so.

Owning your own business requires some necessary resources such as start up capital, knowledge of the specific industry of choice, some basic management skills and time to give full attention to the business and its ongoing requirements. Putting all this together is daunting even to the hardened dreamer with the driving desire to be independent of a job and become his/her own boss.

The MLM business model has become an attractive prospect to many throngs of people around the world. It has done so by finding ways to minimize some of the challenges of starting a business. Thus, making the idea of owning one's own business seem more plausible and doable to the ambitious dreamers of our day.

Getting started in the MLM industry requires a low start-up investment, your business comes fully loaded with all the training and getting started material you will require. You literally have a business in a box complete with team support and mentors. This may vary in quality and standard based on the MLM company of your choice. As is commonly said in the industry "you are in business for yourself but not by yourself" You can build your MLM business and still continue to do whatever you were doing to support your life financially. Hence you control the time you spend and dedicate to building your business.

The major arguments put forward by those who are "up in arms" against the MLM industry is that compared to conventional small business the success rate of those in MLM is woefully low. Many have sighted things such as market saturation, having to attend regular meetings and exploitation of relationship with family and friends. Others have even liken participants in the MLM industry to mobsters and gangsters. These I sighted here are just a few of the many accusations levelled against the industry in a kind of roaring "battle cry" of "down with MLM"  In my opinion all of this seem mostly done with the deliberate intention of spreading fear of the industry among would be prospects and even some of us already invested in an MLM business.

All business models have their high and lows and the MLM industry is not immune to this. There would obviously be those within the industry who would use some measures that are totally unethical unflattering and even detrimental to the overall image of the industry. There will obviously be differences of opinion among those both within the industry and persons outside the industry. Some have been know to deteriorate into long drawn out lawsuits that have in many ways tarnished the image of the MLM industry and continue to do so. This though is not exclusive to the Multi-Level Marketing industry, it would be safe to conclude that wherever people gather in large number with a common interest "head butting" is expected and is a given.

I must acknowledge that I do agree with some of the shortcomings sighted about the MLM industry by some contributors. However what I have observed is that some seem to go to great lengths to prove and overemphasise these shortcomings. They then set themselves up as the voice of reason, the saviour of the unsuspecting dreamer who would be taken in by all the promises and allure of the MLM industry. It begs the question; why are they so eager to protect me form "wasting" my money,? Is their concern about my welfare as genuine as they claim or is their a more sinister and hidden agenda in this frenzied attack on the MLM industry?

Having read many articles, blogs and the like for and against the MLM industry some of which I found enlightening and educating. Among the many arguments against the industry there was a very noticeable common thread. They all at some point seem to deteriorate into a frenzy of fear-mongering, even injecting quotes from the "Good Book" to show those who participate in the industry why what they do is not right in the sight of God. It was at that point that I truly realizes that many who criticize the MLM industry have more than an "axe to grind". I am yet to read one article or critique that was totally objective without being abusive, accusatory or making personal attacks on the industry and its participants.

Whether these commentators are disgruntled X MLM participants or just people with their own personal agendas determined to discredit the industry, is anyone's guess. After reading some of these commentaries you come away feeling emotionally spent wondering what experience could have brought the writer to such a state of anger, disdain and aggression towards the MLM industry and those who participate. Participants whom they scornfully dub "MLMers".

Well if you are an MLMer and believe you can achieve your dreams and goals using the industry as a vehicle then good for you. If  you are a disgruntled X MLMer or you just downright hate the industry and have to spew your frustration at least do it so you do not come across as the "grim reaper" of the industry. Ask yourself honestly if it is right to frighten another person out of having an experience that you have no knowledge beforehand whether it will turn out good or bad for them. Your having a bad experience for whatever reason in your MLM does not cast the idea in stone that it will be the same for everyone else.

This blog was not written with the intent to attack anyone, that is why I refrained from putting any links or naming anyone in particular. All I am doing is trying to get some objectivity. There is no objectivity in writing an article with a title like "Arguments for and against the MLM industry" then you proceed to write an article that is ninety percent against the industry. Where sixty percent of that is spent spreading fear. It would be more honest to just write an article purely against the industry.

It feels much better getting some of that off of my chest and having a good rant about it. Now I will rest my case on this issue. If anyone reading this want to do their own research or have a look at some of the articles and blogs I am referring to just Google MLM or Multi-Level Marketing and take your pick.