Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Every Multi Level Marketer Should Read This Book

I few days ago I started and read through the international best selling book GoPro - 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre.

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You may have already read it, if so, that's great if not the information below is for you.

Since its publication this book has become popular among Multi-Level-Marketers and many others in MLM.

Since having been published in May of 2013 it is said to have sold more than 150,000 copies and counting.

I was introduced to this book by my up-line associate late last year. He contacted me quite excited and told me to get a copy of the book immediately. I got my copy on Kindle and read just a few pages then forgot about it.

Many times I have reminded myself I needed to finish reading the book. Now almost one year later I started reading my copy. The information in this book is phenomenal and I could really hit myself for not having taken the time to read it through before.

If you have not yet gotten a copy of GoPro I suggest you do. It is presently available on Amazon for $8.99 on Kindle and around $10 bucks in paperback.

This book is crammed with valuable information for anyone who is serious about making money in the their MLM Business.

Something I learned from my reading is that as far as the author is concerned MLM /Network Marketing is not an industry it is a Profession and we need to see ourselves as just that Professionals.

I must say that I never thought about MLM/Network Marketing that way before. After reading that and even now as I write this thinking of Network Marketing as a Profession gives me a much more uplifting feeling about what I do than I have ever had before.

Bottom line; the book in my humble opinion is a must have in our arsenal if we are serious about being successful in our MLM business. The knowledge shared comes form a wealth of experience in the profession.

Eric Worre seems very committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with folks like you and me who see MLM as a better way of creating financial stability and wealth.

My suggestion is get GoPro and read it. If there was ever a simple manual for becoming a MLM/Network Marketing Professional this is it.

If you haven't already then you can access a copy of GoPro by Eric Worre by visiting Amazon

Monday, September 8, 2014

You Can Crack the MLM Six Figure Code

pocket full
We all want to crack the code to earning six and seven figure incomes in our MLM businesses.

The good news is, there is a code and it can be cracked, the other news is, and I say other, because I don’t want to say bad, there is no short cuts or secrets.

Yes; there is a code, but it’s a simple straight forward code, and it is called work. One trainer I listened to, called it by its rightful name, he called it labor. You heard correctly, labor and we know how many of us like what that word implies.

Now that we understand that labor is involved, are we ready to get busy doing the necessary things to crack the six figure income code in our MLM business.

Here is what the talking heads that have done it are saying that are some of the necessary keys to cracking the code.
  • Consistency – whatever our game plan we have to be consistent with it. In plain language if we blog for your business, we have to be consistent. We all fall short, but we should give ourselves a chance by making the commitment to blog at least 3 time per week.
  • Work  – You have to labor, who ever told you, you didn’t, was not being truthful with you. New life can only come from labor, it is what produces new life. You cannot get something from nothing. It is only by our effort that we will achieve anything.
  • Have reasonable expectations – Distorted expectations leads to disenchantment and disappointment, and once you lose your enthusiasm, you are more likely to quit your business. Therefore, set reasonable goals, and have realistic expectations, based on the goals you have set.
  • Personal Development – Work on your attitude, because success is something you attract by the person you become. Make your own personal development a major priority, work on yourself daily. Read, listen to, and watch material produced by those who have mastered the art of personal development.
  • Talk to people – There is a reason why we call it Network Marketing or MLM, it needs people for it to be successful. There is an old saying in MLM; “He who shows the most plans win”. If we are not talking to people, we are not building our business, because without people we have no business
If we are not doing these things mentioned above, we are completely missing the mark. We are sabotaging our chances of cracking the code, and earning the income we desire with our MLM business.

This is the message form those who went before us and have done it with resounding success. If we have the courage to square our shoulders and follow this model, we stand a greater chance of achieving success.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Be a Product of your MLM Product

Become a product of your product. How many of us heard this this line preached to us in our MLM business by leaders in the industry.

I have heard this many years ago and you know what it is still relevant today if you want to find success with your business.

In this short video I break down what this means and why it is still relevant.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Can Multi Level Marketers Work Successfully Together?

What do you think? Can Multi-Level-Marketers from different MLM companies find common ground to work together successfully?

It is no wonder that MLM in recent years is being called Relationship Marketing . It is if anything a business about people and building relationships.

I ask the question because today I attended an online business conference and got some news about the future of our company that could bring some useful benefits to my business. Yes it was great news and yes it was only useful if I could spread it fast enough and get others to see the benefits it would accrued them if they got on board with the idea.

Immediately I started making a list of all the people who I could think of that this upcoming offer would benefit most. One of the persons among the first five that I thought about was an acquaintance who is involved with another MLM company. We met about a year ago when I had a look at her MLM business opportunity.

We have both looked at each others business and acknowledged that if we were not already with our chosen MLM company we may have happily joined the other's business.

I called her and we had a great conversation about the upcoming offer my company was having. I enquired whether she would take a look at it once it was rolled out and ready to go. She said yes and told me to send it to her as soon as it was available. 

We connected again later via Facebook and she was very encouraging sharing with me some inspiring tips and ideas about staying motivated and positive about my MLM business. She even shared some of the things that she would do daily to keep herself motivated and positive. Presently she is totally fired up, inspired and motivated. This of course is transferring into the success she is enjoying in her business right now.

I told this story to emphasise the fact that we as Multi-Level-Marketers can work together even if we market for different companies. Truthfully I believe deeply that we should be supportive of each other whenever possible as we know first-hand what it entails to build an MLM business. 

I have never subscribed to the idea that we all have to be in bitter competition with each other because we are involved with different companies. Considering that many of us market different products I think we should feel free to offer our product to persons in other companies if we believe that it could be useful to them. 

We should also be supportive and encouraging to each other whether we are on the same team or with the same company. I doubt that we lose anything by offering a kind word of encouragement or by taking a look at a product or even buying a product form someone from another company. 

On the other hand if someone is not interested in our product at the said time we should not be offended or feel discouraged. They may honestly have no use for the product at the moment.

Though I believe that we should try to be more tolerant of each other even if we market for different MLM companies I do not agree with trying to entice someone away form their MLM company onto our team. 

Definitely there are some people who market for more than one company and that is okay if they are capable of doing so successfully.  But encouraging someone away from their company to join ours to me is in many ways unethical.

MLM is a growing and diverse industry with more and more companies and products coming on board as fast as they are thought of.  

We may well find that we have to do business among ourselves more often than in the past. It is therefore imperative that we find that common ground and begin learning how to work with each other for the greater good of the industry. 

We need to embrace the idea of Relationship Marketing fully into the MLM industry.

MLM voices of wisdom

I watched this video and plan on watching it again and again as this is the type of valuable message that I believe every person in the MLM industry should hear and share.

The words and ideas shared in the following video featuring Les Brown and brought to us from the generosity of Eric Worre and Network Marketing Pro is wisdom and encouragement that is priceless to anyone in the MLM industry.

I felt the need to share this priceless message on my blog so this message can continue to spread far and wide.

When professionals of the calibre of Eric Worre and Les Brown share their wisdom I humbly listen and learn I hope you would do too.

Don't Let Fear Kill Your Desire

Fear is a powerfully debilitating thing. It is therefore incumbent on each of us to guard against allowing it kill our dreams and desires.

I remember a few days ago reading a post my sister wrote on Facebook about fear being a motivator that could push us to achieving success. Yes there is some truth to this but if we are honest we know that fear is sometimes the thing that take away our power and passion and keeps us paralyzed and unable to take the next step.

As some wise person once said fear is "False Evidence Appearing Real" and in many ways it is. Why? Because many of our fears are based on our thought as against being grounded in reality.

Therefore, how do we conquer our fears when it comes to building our MLM business? The only rational way thing I can think about is by taking action or as some would say "take massive action".

How do we take massive action? Very good question. I think that for each of us taking massive action will have many different meanings.  For instance someone who has never picked up the phone and called a prospect, doing that might mean taking massive action. While for another person making a list of prospects would mean taking action. Still further for someone else just clicking a mere link and attending an online conference or presentation to learn more about their MLM business would amount to taking action.

Truthfully taking action whether massive or otherwise would depend on each individual and where he or she is with regard to building their business and how committed that individual is.

Statistics has shown that those who throw fear aside and step out and take massive action are the ones who are most likely to succeed in the MLM industry or in any business for that matter. 

Take me as an example, I am writhing this blog at almost midnight, after a bit of a debate with myself about whether to do it now or do it tomorrow I decided to sit it or and get the words down immediately as my thought flowed. Once I got it written down I went to bed feeling a great sense of accomplishment. 

My determination and commitment to building my business won out and cause me to act now. That for me is taking action. I have now committed myself to daily taking massive action for my MLM business. With consistent daily action you develop a habit of spending quality time on you business every day.

This to me is how we overcome our debilitating fears, those fears that keep us stagnated and prevents us from achieving the things we desire.

In my experience the way to conquer any fear is to take action. Do the very thing that you most feel fearful of doing. Once you take consistent action you will notice that your fear begins to dissolve. The more you continue to act the less your fear is. 

Eventually you come to realize that most of your fears were all pointless anyway especially when you begin to enjoy the results of doing the things you were putting off because of that fear.

Developing the courage to do what is necessary for you expansion opens up new avenues for you to grow and as an individual and create room for you MLM business to thrive and grow.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello Again MLM World

Whew! It has been a while I know but as they say, life gets in the way. Since my last post I have travelled to my home country, worked my boots off on our cocoa estate, gotten married and now am in the middle of preparing for the next cocoa season.

Yes if I never mentioned it before I live on an organic cocoa estate in the Caribbean, and life on a cocoa estate tends to get hectic/crazy during the height of the cocoa season which is between the months of November and June. Then it all goes quiet until the season starts again.

View from my front window

With this lull in the cocoa season I am looking forward to getting my blogging head on once again.

The MLM industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds in 2014 and many are positioning themselves to be part of this unrelenting wave. With dying economies and threats of economic collapse it is no wonder.

In my view the future still looks prosperous for anyone willing to take the time to commit to a
2 - 5 year plan of building a Multi Level Marketing business.

Just listen to what world renowned economist, author and speaker, Harry Dent had to say about the industry in a short interview with MLM coach Eric Worre.

With upfront investments of less then one thousand dollars people are changing their financial situation by investing in an MLM company of their choice.

If you are one of those persons considering a means of changing your financial future then MLM could be a choice for you.

Whatever you choose to do the sooner you make that decision the sooner you would be making that pivotal change for you and your loved ones.

For more information visit Lylette Primell Online