Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Every Multi Level Marketer Should Read This Book

I few days ago I started and read through the international best selling book GoPro - 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre.

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You may have already read it, if so, that's great if not the information below is for you.

Since its publication this book has become popular among Multi-Level-Marketers and many others in MLM.

Since having been published in May of 2013 it is said to have sold more than 150,000 copies and counting.

I was introduced to this book by my up-line associate late last year. He contacted me quite excited and told me to get a copy of the book immediately. I got my copy on Kindle and read just a few pages then forgot about it.

Many times I have reminded myself I needed to finish reading the book. Now almost one year later I started reading my copy. The information in this book is phenomenal and I could really hit myself for not having taken the time to read it through before.

If you have not yet gotten a copy of GoPro I suggest you do. It is presently available on Amazon for $8.99 on Kindle and around $10 bucks in paperback.

This book is crammed with valuable information for anyone who is serious about making money in the their MLM Business.

Something I learned from my reading is that as far as the author is concerned MLM /Network Marketing is not an industry it is a Profession and we need to see ourselves as just that Professionals.

I must say that I never thought about MLM/Network Marketing that way before. After reading that and even now as I write this thinking of Network Marketing as a Profession gives me a much more uplifting feeling about what I do than I have ever had before.

Bottom line; the book in my humble opinion is a must have in our arsenal if we are serious about being successful in our MLM business. The knowledge shared comes form a wealth of experience in the profession.

Eric Worre seems very committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with folks like you and me who see MLM as a better way of creating financial stability and wealth.

My suggestion is get GoPro and read it. If there was ever a simple manual for becoming a MLM/Network Marketing Professional this is it.

If you haven't already then you can access a copy of GoPro by Eric Worre by visiting Amazon