Monday, September 8, 2014

You Can Crack the MLM Six Figure Code

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We all want to crack the code to earning six and seven figure incomes in our MLM businesses.

The good news is, there is a code and it can be cracked, the other news is, and I say other, because I don’t want to say bad, there is no short cuts or secrets.

Yes; there is a code, but it’s a simple straight forward code, and it is called work. One trainer I listened to, called it by its rightful name, he called it labor. You heard correctly, labor and we know how many of us like what that word implies.

Now that we understand that labor is involved, are we ready to get busy doing the necessary things to crack the six figure income code in our MLM business.

Here is what the talking heads that have done it are saying that are some of the necessary keys to cracking the code.
  • Consistency – whatever our game plan we have to be consistent with it. In plain language if we blog for your business, we have to be consistent. We all fall short, but we should give ourselves a chance by making the commitment to blog at least 3 time per week.
  • Work  – You have to labor, who ever told you, you didn’t, was not being truthful with you. New life can only come from labor, it is what produces new life. You cannot get something from nothing. It is only by our effort that we will achieve anything.
  • Have reasonable expectations – Distorted expectations leads to disenchantment and disappointment, and once you lose your enthusiasm, you are more likely to quit your business. Therefore, set reasonable goals, and have realistic expectations, based on the goals you have set.
  • Personal Development – Work on your attitude, because success is something you attract by the person you become. Make your own personal development a major priority, work on yourself daily. Read, listen to, and watch material produced by those who have mastered the art of personal development.
  • Talk to people – There is a reason why we call it Network Marketing or MLM, it needs people for it to be successful. There is an old saying in MLM; “He who shows the most plans win”. If we are not talking to people, we are not building our business, because without people we have no business
If we are not doing these things mentioned above, we are completely missing the mark. We are sabotaging our chances of cracking the code, and earning the income we desire with our MLM business.

This is the message form those who went before us and have done it with resounding success. If we have the courage to square our shoulders and follow this model, we stand a greater chance of achieving success.