Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Can Multi Level Marketers Work Successfully Together?

What do you think? Can Multi-Level-Marketers from different MLM companies find common ground to work together successfully?

It is no wonder that MLM in recent years is being called Relationship Marketing . It is if anything a business about people and building relationships.

I ask the question because today I attended an online business conference and got some news about the future of our company that could bring some useful benefits to my business. Yes it was great news and yes it was only useful if I could spread it fast enough and get others to see the benefits it would accrued them if they got on board with the idea.

Immediately I started making a list of all the people who I could think of that this upcoming offer would benefit most. One of the persons among the first five that I thought about was an acquaintance who is involved with another MLM company. We met about a year ago when I had a look at her MLM business opportunity.

We have both looked at each others business and acknowledged that if we were not already with our chosen MLM company we may have happily joined the other's business.

I called her and we had a great conversation about the upcoming offer my company was having. I enquired whether she would take a look at it once it was rolled out and ready to go. She said yes and told me to send it to her as soon as it was available. 

We connected again later via Facebook and she was very encouraging sharing with me some inspiring tips and ideas about staying motivated and positive about my MLM business. She even shared some of the things that she would do daily to keep herself motivated and positive. Presently she is totally fired up, inspired and motivated. This of course is transferring into the success she is enjoying in her business right now.

I told this story to emphasise the fact that we as Multi-Level-Marketers can work together even if we market for different companies. Truthfully I believe deeply that we should be supportive of each other whenever possible as we know first-hand what it entails to build an MLM business. 

I have never subscribed to the idea that we all have to be in bitter competition with each other because we are involved with different companies. Considering that many of us market different products I think we should feel free to offer our product to persons in other companies if we believe that it could be useful to them. 

We should also be supportive and encouraging to each other whether we are on the same team or with the same company. I doubt that we lose anything by offering a kind word of encouragement or by taking a look at a product or even buying a product form someone from another company. 

On the other hand if someone is not interested in our product at the said time we should not be offended or feel discouraged. They may honestly have no use for the product at the moment.

Though I believe that we should try to be more tolerant of each other even if we market for different MLM companies I do not agree with trying to entice someone away form their MLM company onto our team. 

Definitely there are some people who market for more than one company and that is okay if they are capable of doing so successfully.  But encouraging someone away from their company to join ours to me is in many ways unethical.

MLM is a growing and diverse industry with more and more companies and products coming on board as fast as they are thought of.  

We may well find that we have to do business among ourselves more often than in the past. It is therefore imperative that we find that common ground and begin learning how to work with each other for the greater good of the industry. 

We need to embrace the idea of Relationship Marketing fully into the MLM industry.