Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Don't Let Fear Kill Your Desire

Fear is a powerfully debilitating thing. It is therefore incumbent on each of us to guard against allowing it kill our dreams and desires.

I remember a few days ago reading a post my sister wrote on Facebook about fear being a motivator that could push us to achieving success. Yes there is some truth to this but if we are honest we know that fear is sometimes the thing that take away our power and passion and keeps us paralyzed and unable to take the next step.

As some wise person once said fear is "False Evidence Appearing Real" and in many ways it is. Why? Because many of our fears are based on our thought as against being grounded in reality.

Therefore, how do we conquer our fears when it comes to building our MLM business? The only rational way thing I can think about is by taking action or as some would say "take massive action".

How do we take massive action? Very good question. I think that for each of us taking massive action will have many different meanings.  For instance someone who has never picked up the phone and called a prospect, doing that might mean taking massive action. While for another person making a list of prospects would mean taking action. Still further for someone else just clicking a mere link and attending an online conference or presentation to learn more about their MLM business would amount to taking action.

Truthfully taking action whether massive or otherwise would depend on each individual and where he or she is with regard to building their business and how committed that individual is.

Statistics has shown that those who throw fear aside and step out and take massive action are the ones who are most likely to succeed in the MLM industry or in any business for that matter. 

Take me as an example, I am writhing this blog at almost midnight, after a bit of a debate with myself about whether to do it now or do it tomorrow I decided to sit it or and get the words down immediately as my thought flowed. Once I got it written down I went to bed feeling a great sense of accomplishment. 

My determination and commitment to building my business won out and cause me to act now. That for me is taking action. I have now committed myself to daily taking massive action for my MLM business. With consistent daily action you develop a habit of spending quality time on you business every day.

This to me is how we overcome our debilitating fears, those fears that keep us stagnated and prevents us from achieving the things we desire.

In my experience the way to conquer any fear is to take action. Do the very thing that you most feel fearful of doing. Once you take consistent action you will notice that your fear begins to dissolve. The more you continue to act the less your fear is. 

Eventually you come to realize that most of your fears were all pointless anyway especially when you begin to enjoy the results of doing the things you were putting off because of that fear.

Developing the courage to do what is necessary for you expansion opens up new avenues for you to grow and as an individual and create room for you MLM business to thrive and grow.